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 +====== Idle Master ======
 +A program for farming [[Steam]] trading cards. It tricks Steam into thinking you are running a game when you're not, so you can get cards for games without having to play them.
 +===== Usage =====
 +==== Linux ====
 +You need to add some info to ''/​usr/​lib/​steam-idle-master/​settings.txt''​.
 +I found it useful to symlink that from ''​~/​.config/​steam-idle-master/​settings.txt''​
 +By default, it contains:
 +sessionid = ""​
 +steamLogin = ""​
 +steamparental = ""​
 +sort = ""​
 +To get the strings for ''​sessionid''​ and ''​steamLogin''​ you need to open you browser, make sure you're signed into Steam, then find your cookies for The other strings aren't mandatory.
 +(if using [[Firefox]] got to ''​about:​preferences#​privacy''​ then select ''​Show Cookies...''​)
 +To run use ''/​usr/​lib/​steam-idle-master/​''​ (it uses Python 2, so ''​python2''​)
 +===== See Also =====
 +  * [[http://​​|]]
 +  * [[git>​jshackles/​idle_master_py|idle-master-py]]
 +  * [[Archi Steam Farm]] - Probably a better card idler, with some extra features.
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