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i3wm is a simple tiling window manager for Linux. Customisation is easy, and it comes with useful defaults.



You can set different bars for different screens. For example I find it useful to have time, date, battery, and volume always on my laptop screen, and have some monitoring stuff like free disk space, Internet bandwidth, and RAM usage when i have a secondary monitor plugged-in.

So I have two seperate bar{} sections in my main i3 config file, one for each. You just need to give them each a label, a screen to target, and a seperate config to load.

For example this is at the top of each bar definition:

id bar-main
output LVDS1
status_command	i3blocks -c ~/.config/i3blocks/config-main
id bar-secondary
output VGA1
status_command	i3blocks -c ~/.config/i3blocks/config-secondary


  • i3parse - scans config file for unused keys (+?)
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