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 +====== Handbrake ======
 +===== Tasks =====
 +==== DVD Ripping ====
 +Handbrake'​s generally what I go for if I need to rip a DVD and don't want to mess round much (though it's good if you want to mess round too).
 +the only little hiccup is that you now need to seperately grab libdvdcss to mitigate copy protection, which can either stop you opening a disc entirely, or just give you glitchy output.
 +  * [[https://​​developers/​libdvdcss.html|libdvdcss]] page on the Videolan website.
 +  * [[arch>​libdvdcss]] in the '​extra'​ repo.
 +  * [[https://​​pub/​libdvdcss/​|​pub/​libdvdcss/​]] directory and find the most recent folder with a Windows version, if you need it for that OS. As of writing this it was [[https://​​pub/​libdvdcss/​1.2.13/​|1.2.13]],​ though the most recent release was 1.4.0.
 +If you're using Windows you'll have to stick that .DLL in your handbrake folder 9probably ''​C:​\Program Files\handbrake''​ in English)
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