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To add a custom RSS feed reader, so that when you click o nthe 'subscribe' button you can subscribe with your choice of reader, you:

  1. Go to about.config
  2. search for browser.contentHandlers.types
  3. Notice the numbers after them. What we need to do is look at the hiest number, and make three strings with the next number in the sequence.
  4. So right-click > New > String
  5. Enter browser.contentHandlers.types.[number].title, then add the title of your reader.
  6. Enter browser.contentHandlers.types.[number].type, then add application/vnd.mozilla.maybe.feed.
  7. Enter browser.contentHandlers.types.[number].uri, then add the URL for your readers 'add feed' function placing a %s where the feed's URL should go. This last part's the trickiest to describe, 'cause it's gunna differ for each reader. But I'll add examples below
  8. Restart Firefox.
Reader String
FreshRSS [url]/i/?c=feed&a=add&url_rss=%s

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