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DuckDuckGo (DDG) has become my favourite search engine. The primary reason I switched was because it isn't a Google nor other big tech jerk thing, and that it doesn't do any tracking or data hoarding.

There are pleanty of other neat things too: The search results are good, you can easily use it to search Open Street Map, the bang searches and other handy shortcuts like easy currency conversion, maths, etc.

Search Syntax

s:[domain] [terms] Search within particular website. You can get fancy with this and use it to search multiple domains, search a TLD, exclude a domain…
f:[file extension] [terms] Search for particular files


One of the features I use the most in DDG are the bangs. These are shortcuts you can use to search a lot of different websites (see:

To use you just type an exclamation mark followed by the abbreviation, then a space, then your search term.

Here're the ones I use most often:

!arch Arch Linux Wiki
!aur The Arch User Repository package database
!discogs Discogs
!ia Internet Archive
!itad IsThereAnyDeal (videogame sale history)
!lb Letterboxd
!man Linux manuals (AKA: man pages)
!moby Mobygames
!sice staticICE (Australian PC parts price comparison)
!trove Trove (Australian libraries search)
!w Wikipedia
!wayback Wayback Machine
!wfw Warframe Wiki
!yt Youtube
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