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 +====== Archi Steam Farm ======
 +{{ :​media:​images:​archisteamfarm_logo.png}}
 +**Archi Steam Farm** (ASF) is a program for automatically farming Stea mtrading cards, like [[idle_master]]. But it works a lot better, and has some other really ace features, like 'ASF allows you to automate going through discovery queue and voting in Steam Awards during Steam sale'!
 +The only disadvantage seems to be that you can't use ASF which also running Steam, unlike Idle Master.
 +===== Setup =====
 +For whatever reason the setup for this always seemed scary, but it was actually much less of a pain than the Linux version of [[idle_master]]!
 +Process was basically: grab from the AUR, run the web config (I didn't enter my password, just username) and output the .json file, put it in ''/​usr/​lib/​asf/​config'',​ run ''​asf'',​ enter password and 2FA.
 +There'​s a good guide on their Github wiki: [[github>​JustArchi/​ArchiSteamFarm/​wiki/​Configuration]]
 +nbjp I didn't need to use the advanced settings except for one thing I overlooked: setting me as '​offline'​ on Steam when farming. You can just add it to your ''​[botname].json''​ with:
 +<code javascript>​
 +"​FarmOffline":​ true
 +===== See Also =====
 +  * [[github>​JustArchi/​ArchiSteamFarm|ArchiSteamFarm]] project on Github
 +  * [[aur>​asf|asf]] package on the AUR.
 +  * [[idle_master]] - Another card farming program.
 +{{tag>​external-edit-only steam}}
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