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 +====== QNAP TS-231P ======
 +{{ :​media:​images:​hardware:​ts-231p.png?​100}}
 +===== Hardware =====
 +^ Part ^ Name ^ Notes ^
 +| CPU  | AnnapurnaLabs,​ Alpine AL-212, 2-core, 1.7GHz | No Linux kernal support((Last checked October 2018)) |
 +===== Backup =====
 +For Windows (and Mac?) it's pretty straightforward,​ but for Linux you have to use [[..:​software:​rsync]] (or some third-party packages for [[..:​software:​Restic]],​ [[..:​software:​Bacula]],​ (etc.)), the tricky thing being that you need to setup SSH access for the user you want to backup as, as by default it's only for the admin. //And// it uses some funny SSH config that gets rewritten when the system reboots.
 +So!, you need to FIXME
 +  - SSH in as an admin and add the username you want to backup as to ''/​etc/​ssh/​sshd_config'',​ line ''​AllowUsers''​.
 +  - Restrart the SSH service with (you have to do the whole command, even if you're in the directory) ''/​etc/​init.d/​ restart''​.
 +    - (If that doesn'​t work do ''/​etc/​init.d/​ restart''​ to restart all services)
 +===== Packages =====
 +The documentation for third-party packages is near universally garbage. Rarely do links to thinks like tutorials point to anywhere relevant to using on  a QNAP, and oten they point to pages that don't even exist!
 +===== Troubleshooting =====
 +  * [[https://​​wiki/​Hard_drives_spindown_issues|Hard drives spindown issues]]
 +===== Updates =====
 +  * https://​​en-au/​security-advisory - Subscribe to security updates via E-mail or [[..:​software:​rss|RSS]]
 +{{tag>​fixes nas qnap}}
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