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 ====== Thinkpad ====== ====== Thinkpad ======
 +===== X40 =====
 +This was a top-of-the-line //​ultrabook//​ in 2002, I got mine 'cause someone was throwing it away in 2019. It has 512 megs of RAM and runs [[..:​software:​Windows XP]] nicely! Mine's setup to replace my XP [[..:​software:​VirtualBox]] image I use for [[..:​software:​Sword of Moonlight]] and [[..:​software:​klik_and_play|Klik & Play]]. Would'​ve liked to run [[..:​software:​windows_3|Windows 3.x]] on there, but apparently it's not [[..:​software:​MS-DOS]]-friendly,​ drivers-wise.
 +  * http://​​wiki/​Category:​X40
 ===== E530 ===== ===== E530 =====
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