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Roland TR-8



On a drum kit a flam is when you hit a drum with both sticks almost at the same time.

You can add flams on the TR-8 by holding TR-REC then hit the step you want to add it on.

Holding TR-REC and turning the dial will let you set the timing too. I think that's global for all flams.

Ghost Notes

Ghost notes are extra samples you can using in the sequence of another. For example in your bass drum pattern you add your regular notes, then by holding


As well as using STEP to have reverb and delay only on certain steps, you can can limit them to certain instruments (very handy!). Press KIT, then hold STEP on reverb or delay, then toggle things on and off with their buttons under the sliders.

You can also use different reverbs and delays. Go into instrument mode (INST), then press STEP in the reverb or delay areas.


To enter settings hold PTN SELECT when turning on, and keep held until it's booted.


Hold DEPTH and rotate the SCATTER dial to select from different colours for the lights. When selected let go of DEPTH and hit START/STOP

  1. Standard red, orange yellow, blue
  2. Dimmer version of standard
  3. Dimmed blue, purple, pink, peach
  4. Two alternating brightness greens
  5. Dimmed white, red, green, white
  6. Dimmed pink, purple, peach, blue

See Also

See Also

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