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 ====== 3DS ====== ====== 3DS ======
 ^ Friend Code | 0963-4183-2807 | ^ Friend Code | 0963-4183-2807 |
-===== Hacking =====+===== Software ===== 
 +==== 3DS Sound ===== 
 +Plays and records audio, including ACC and MP3 files.
 +=== Music Files ===
 +To put music on there you can either just chuck it in the root of the SD card, or make a folder/s there. When listing music in the software it will first show you all folders together that contain music, even if they're subfolders. So dpm't bother putting artists in their own folders, as a folder without music in it won't appear in the listing.
 +According to Nintendo's website the following formats are supported:
 +  * **AAC** files with .m4a, .mp4, and .3gp extensions
 +  * **MP3** files with .mp3 extensions, bit rates of 16--320kbps, and sampling frequencies of 32--48kHz
 +So pretty standard, but no OGG %%>:-|%%
 +You can also make a small playlist of songs that will be used for Streetpass. I only found out about this is March 2020, so not sure what exactly gets shared, but it looks like it makes a 'top 10' list of songs based on that, and makes a note when your tastes match with other people's.
 +nbjp [[..:software:foobar_2000#Exporting files for the 3DS]] on the Foobar2000 page.
 +=== Features ===
 +There're lots of fun features when playing back music!
 +  * You can use the L and R buttons to play along with the music, and select different instruments to play by tapping on their icons.
 +  * You can, independently, change the pitch and speed.
 +  * View a bunch of 3-D visualisations, some you can control with the analogue stick.
 +  * Apply the filters that add echo, kinda remove the vocals, replace the song with '8-bit' instrumentation, and make it sound like it's playing on an old radio.
 +  * Loop certain parts of a song, as well as the usual repeat, and random features.
 +===== Hacking =====
   * [[|]]   * [[|]]
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