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 +====== Netgear Router ======
 +===== Readyshare =====
 +==== Mounting on Linux ====
 +Helps for mounting a drive connected to a Netgear Router in Linux.
 +  - To see if/how it's connected<code>smbtree</code>In my case it's READYSHARE
 +  - Then to get the IP address of the device use<code>nmblookup [hostname(readyshare)]</code>
 +  - Then you need to add things to your ''fstab'' to get it to mount at launch<code>sudo vim /etc/fstab</code><code>//[ip]/[directory(USB_Storage)]  /mnt/[dir]  cifs  user,guest,uid=[user],sec=ntlm,_netdev  0  0</code>
 +  - Then this to mount it if you don't wanna wait for a reboot<code>sudo mount -a</code>
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