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   * TN-2030   * TN-2030
   * TN-2250   * TN-2250
-===== Linux ===== 
-  - Install [[arch>​extra/​x86_64/​cups/​|CUPS]] 
-  - Install [[aur>​brother-brgenml1]] 
-  - Start CUPS service <​code>​sudo systemctl start org.cups.cupsd.service</​code>​ 
-  - Turn on the printer, plug it into a USB, then test to see if it's recognised <​code>​lsusb</​code>​ 
-  - Go to the CUPS web interface at http://​localhost:​631/​ 
-  - Select '​Administration'​ 
-  - Select 'Add Printer'​ under '​Printers',​ then enter your root user password (or [[archw>​CUPS#​Configuration|add your user to the printer admin group]] [also [[#Details: groups|see below]] ]). 
-  - Your printer should be shown in 'Local Printers',​ select it's radio button and select '​continue'​. 
-  - Make sure everything'​s to your liking on the next screen, then select '​continue'​ 
-  - Again, just make sure things look goo then select 'Add Printer'​ 
-  - On the select options screen you might want to change the '​Number of Input Trays'​. I believe three is correct. Don't hot 'Set default options'​ till You've checked every page. You might want to lower the DPI and turn on 'toner saver mode', for example. 
-  - Open a PDF or something and it should be working! 
-nbjp Set your default paper size in /​etc/​papersize. This also applies to other programs, for example ​[[..:​software:​Scribus]]+===== Arch Linux ===== 
 +Works with [[..:​software:​CUPS]] just fine if you install [[aur>​brother-brgenml1]].
-==== Details: groups ==== +nbjp In the [[..:software:CUPS]] ​options screen you might want to change the '​Number of Input Trays'I believe three is correct.
-I made a new group called printadmin and added myself to it with: +
-  - <​code>​sudo groupadd printadmin</​code>​ +
-  - <​code>​sudo usermod -a -G printadmin ​[username]</​code>​ +
-  - And added printadmin into <​code>/​etc/​cups/​cups-files.conf</​code>​ to section <​code>#​ Administrator user group [...]</​code>​ +
-  - Then restart CUPS service <​code>​sudo systemctl restart org.cups.cupsd.service</​code>​ +
- +
-==== Other Resources ==== +
-  * [[archw>CUPS]] +
-  * [[https://​​printers/​manufacturer/​Brother|​printers/​manufacturer/​Brother]] +
-  * [[https://​​|]]+
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
   * [[http://​​g/​b/​producttop.aspx?​c=au&​lang=en&​prod=hl2132_eu_as|HL-2132]] on the Brother website.   * [[http://​​g/​b/​producttop.aspx?​c=au&​lang=en&​prod=hl2132_eu_as|HL-2132]] on the Brother website.
 +  * [[https://​​printers/​manufacturer/​Brother|​printers/​manufacturer/​Brother]]
-{{tag>​printer}}+{{tag>​printer ​linux}}
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