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2019/06/26 08:29 Arch Linux Installation nbjp If you have an existing /home + user, when you create a new user, take notes of the -m and -M flags for useradd. You don't want… ,
2019/01/09 23:35 GRUB GRand Unified Bootloader (GRUB) is a common boot tool used in Linux distros. It handles loading Linux and other operating systems. Installation Re-insta… , ,
2018/07/28 00:57 i3wm i3wm is a simple tiling window manager for Linux. Customisation is easy, and it comes with useful defaults. Config Bar You can set different bars for d…
2019/07/06 21:39 Linux Reminders I forget how to do shit a lot. Renaming Multiple Files For me, mmv has the easiest syntax to remember. You'll probably have to install it. … ,
2019/05/28 01:36 Linux Notes about games available on Linux. This and the 3DS are where I mostly play games at the mo'. Note that lots of other games are easy to run on Linux … , ,
2018/07/28 00:57 Lubuntu I run Lubuntu on an old laptop I have, that I mostly use for watching films with Kodi. I'm not very used to Debian/Ubuntu flavours, so I'm making lots… ,
2018/09/30 01:52 MIDI Setup on Linux I'd thought VLC had dropped support for MIDI, but I've found it to be the easiest way to get hassle-free MIDI playback. * Install VLC a… , ,
2018/07/28 00:57 Netgear Router Readyshare Mounting on Linux Helps for mounting a drive connected to a Netgear Router in Linux. * To see if/how it's connected smbtree In …
2019/06/29 05:53 Windows Notes about games available on Windows, with notes on how they work on Linux via WINE. If games have a natice Linux port they'll be on the Linux recs. … , , , ,