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   : For keyboard / button instructions.   : For keyboard / button instructions.
 +===== Other Cool Things =====
 +  ; ''​download''​ attribute
 +  : With ''<​a href="​[link to file]" download>''​ you can specify that a link is for //​downloading//,​ rather than //​loading//,​ by adding the ''​download''​ attribute.
 +  : This can also be followed by a ''​="​[filename]"''​ if you want it to be downloaded with a different filename that the one it has on your server.
 +  ; ''​alternate stylesheet''​
 +  : You can specify alternative appearances for you page, which in [[tool:​software:​Firefox|]] are accessed via ''​View > Page Style''​ (or ''​Alt v y''​). You can also have a base sheet that is applied to all.
 +  : [[https://​​en-US/​docs/​Web/​CSS/​Alternative_style_sheets]]
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