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Tap Wars Earth Defense Force 4.1

(Maybe it's just called Tap Wars EDF or something?)



Once your main chracter gets to level 500 you can dismiss your team and restart. This isn't well documented, but it's as advantageous as in other idle-games. You lose your allies, your levels, you abilities etc. But you keep the diamonds you've collected (so maybe wait till you've got 200 saved up to get a boost on restart), your achievements, and you gain Fragments of Hope (FOH), and can switch the class on your main character.

You get more FOH the further into the game you are. Though the award amount increases slowly, and I've been waiting till stage 37. Around 30 the reward starts to seem worth it (see §FOH Log). You spend these on abilities called Hero's Portraits. I think the one you get for your currency is random?, and they are upgradable like the ones under the Player tab. You also get a +100% damage boost for each portrait, and another +10% for each extra level on a portrait after the first. I've got some real handy ones so far!

You can also recieve small amounts of FOH from the transport helicopter once you've dismissed once.

No. Effect
03 Duration of “Trigger Happy!” increased by x secs.
04 Cool down for “Tactics!” reduced by x secs.
05 Duration of “Tactics!” increased by x secs.
08 Cool down for “Enhance!” reduced by x secs.
15 Increase critical hit rate by x%
19 Lower the number of stages that need to be cleared before a boss appears by x
20 Increase the amount of time you have to fight bosses by x secs.
24 Increase the likelihood of finding an “Giant Underground Tunnel” by x%
(I have no idea what the “Giant Underground Tunnel” are yet, though I suspect they are the not-s☞giant tunnel openings you find in place of regular enemy levels some times. The bonus being that you get a level where you can't be damaged.)

Each player class has different advantages and disadvantages:

Class Bonus
Ranger n/a (base)
Wing Diver Acquired medals +30%
DMG -50%
Air Raider Aquired medals -10%
Critical DMG +100%
Fencer DMG +200%
Critical hit rate -5%



Been ignoring all bonus abilities except for 'Let's Party', so I don't get ones triggered that aren't useful.

Trying a no allies run now. Dunno if it'll work without their bonuses.

Should use Fencer now I have the bonus crit rate portrait to cancel out its minus.


Doesn't seem entirely possible. Before you get anywhere near a stage where it's worth resetting you will have to be tapping for bosses.



Started keeping track of how many FOH I am elegable for at the start of each stage.

FOH amount is not tied to level progress.

Run n
Level/Stage/w/e ~ 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58
Fragments of Hope 16 22 28 28 35 42 42 51 59 59 69 79 79 89 100 100 112 124 ? 137 150 150 163 - -
Run n+1
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