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 +====== Ozi Rules 2010 ======
 +**//Ozi Rules 2010//** is an arcade game, developed by [[organisation:​Interactive Imagery]], and vaguely based on the sport of [[.:​kind:​australian-rules_football|Australia-rules football]].
 +Instead of a simulation of the sport players play three minigames/​events based on the sport'​s skill-set. ​
 +  - **Kick For Goal** involves a series of shots at goal, from several positions, where players select from different kick types, and must measure factors such as distance, the effect of the wind, and so forth;
 +  - **Run, Tackle and Kick** requires the player to run a short distance, avoiding three opposition tacklers, before they can have their kick;
 +  - and the **Long Kicking Contest** which is based purely on distance.
 +The game takes place in a fictional world league, with teams representing Australia, England, Greece, Italy, New Zealand, the USA, and Vietnam. Each team has their own home ground, with its own fantastic design. The Italian ground looks like the coliseum, the USA like skyscrapers,​ etc.
 +===== Hardware =====
 +The cabinet features a trackball and buttons. It is able to be used as a ticket redemption machine.
 +===== Trivia =====
 +The character 'Bad Bazza Buckskin'​ is based on the amateur South Australian footballer Barry Buckskin jnr. All the other characters are fictional.
 +===== See also =====
 +  * [[.:​kind:​australian-rules_football]] as videogame genre.
 +  * [[https://​​game_detail.php?​game_id=19292|Ozi Rules 2010]] on The International Arcade Museum website.
 +  * [[http://​​products/​view.php?​id=1777|Highway Games]] - Game, and cabinet, details.
 +  * [[http://​​article.php/​20071209004958140|World Footy News]] - Game details, and staff interview
 +  * [[http://​​assoc_page.cgi?​client=1-5545-0-0-0&​sID=76185&​news_task=DETAIL&​articleID=5884195&​sectionID=76185|Aboriginal Football]] - Article on the connections between the character Bad Bazza Buckskin, and his real-life inspiration.
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