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Notes about games available on Windows, with notes on how they work on Linux via WINE. If games have a natice Linux port they'll be on the Linux recs. page instead.

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Wine: also on:
Earth Defense Force 4.1: Shadow of New Despair Wine: good also on: PS4, XBO
I dunno. It's really great. I love the whole series though.
In Wine there's an annoying issue where some font isn't loading. Most of the text is fine, but which difficulty you're selecting is garbled which is a problem in online multiplayer. Entering chat text crashes the game too, though you can still use the pre-determines phrases. Apparently you have to create the save file in a Windows system too, though mine was already made before I tried on Linux.
The bug is in EDF 5 too.
Mirror's Edge Wine: perfect also on:
Monster Hunter: World Wine: perfect also on: PS4, XBO
Valkyria Chronicles Wine: great also on: Switch, PS3, PS4
Easy-to-get-into tactics game.
In Wine it runs great, there're just some issues with audio quality. PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 %command% fixes this a bit.
Videoball Wine: perfect also on: PS4
My favourite multiplayer game.
For running with Proton just add PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command% to the 'launch options' :D
Warframe Wine: perfect also on:
Needs a little extra help to get going in Wine, I think due to its launcher, but once that's done (you just download and copy some files over) Just needs a command (WINEDLLOVERRIDES=“xaudio2_7=n,b” %command%) inserted into the launch options and it works great!
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