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PlayStation 2

Notes on PS2 games.


The Bouncer
A briskly-paced, story-based brawler. You get different perspective son the narrative depending on whixh character you select, and that selection is prompted before every battle scene, and some cut-scenes.
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter / Breath of Fire V: Dragon QuarterJP
One of the few PS2-exclusive games I've actually gotten ride of. Is quite popular in top RPG and PS2 game lists in discerning circles, but for me it's ruined by icky anime characters and plot—helpless female fantasy character, etc.
Final Fantasy XII also on: PS4
This the only contemporary Final Fantasy game that has seemed interesting to me. And the appeal mostly comes from the way the combat works. The cast are (probably) still the same intelligence-offending twits, but it didn't grate so much now that the place and interaction with monsters/whatevers feels somewhat sensible and credible. It's also well worth noting that the Final Fantasy XII: International Zodiac Job System version (which has an English patch) makes some welcome changes, particularly the availability of all gambits without the need for purchase. This is incorporated into the PS4 version too.
RAD: Robot Alchemic Drive / Gigantic DriveJP
Rez also on: DC, 360, PS4, Win
Don't expect Star Fox or Panzer Dragoon, but do expect a game that is carefully designed and does a good job of linking gameplay actions to music, which enables—for me—a concentrated state similar to what I experience when playing bullet hell games. It may have received some ridiculous praise, but it is still a fucking tidy game and you should play it (with headphones or a nice stereo).
Sky Odyssey / The Sky OdysseyJP
鉄人28号 (Tetsujin 28-Go)
For me it's the pinacle of Sandlot's big robot games. The controls are simpler than the others, which I was surprised to find is a good thing! Something I always forget when I haven't played the game for a while is the great potential for interesting player-created narrative here: partly due to the amount the world reacts to actions of the characters (buildings collapsing, a lot of things can be used as weapons, etc.), partly because of the speed of the game (which gives each action big consequence), and partly because of the low quantity of participants (each enemy is a big personality). I guess this is all true of much of Sandlot's output, and a big part of what I like about them. I'm waffling, but if you like very big robots, thoughtfully awkward controls, Gigantor, and player-created narrative try this game. It's in Japanese, but my lack of it was no barrier.
Raw Danger! / 絶体絶命都市2 -凍てついた記憶たち
Sometimes it's taught, sometimes it's actiony, sometimes it's pensive, sometimes it's Lonely Game, and sometimes it's clunky.If I were to buy a PS2 again this would be amongst the first five games I bought. It's terribly ambitious, but does a good job of reaching its goals. And where it doesn't you appreciate the effort; I guess it works a bit like some of my favourite 8-bit era games in that sense, or like something SEGA might have tried on the Dreamcast. Those kinds of comparisons can seem hollow—I know—but the kid's got heart, and dash, is what I'm trying to put across.

SIMPLE2000シリーズ Series

Japanese line of budget games. A few have gotten releases outside of Japan, mostly in PAL regions.

78 THE 宇宙大戦争 (The Space Battle) / Space War Attack
It's okay. Decent for a Simple Series game, but not much reason to go back to it after you've played through all the missions, and there aren't many of them. It did make me curious about the developer Bit Town though. Oh, I also recommend using the 'advanced' controls, 'cause they're just more fun—otherwise you can't bank or roll or anything like that.
81 THE 地球防衛軍2 (The Earth Defence Force 2) / Global Defense Force also on: Vita
Sandlot's typically wonderful sense of scale, mixed with an alien invasion scenario. Wonderful co-op (with each character having differing movement option), wonderful as a solo game. One of the first PS2 games you should buy if you're playing catch-up, and don't have access to EDF 4.1. Aesthetically it's more 50s B-movie like than the new games, which is fun!

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