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BANG BANG BANG! on: Linux, Mac, Win
Quick bursts of mind-games. Each stage is a grid, you pay by moving between points and being quickest on the draw.
Videoball on: PS4, Win
Brilliant team sport.


Async, AKA play-by-email, etc. multiplayer games are ones where each player takes their turn in their own time. When they're done a notification of some kind is sent to the opponent, who can then take theirs. I like the pace of them, and the ability to have multiple games going at a time.

Clairvoyance on: Mac, Win
Clairvoyance is a turn-based, asynchronous multiplayer game where you control a group of four robots trying to destroy your opponant's. The fun is in trying to predict what they'll do, and how things go wrong and right because of that :)
Never had any luck running it on Arch, but *buntus seem fine. Works perfect in WINE.
FreeCiv on like everything
Frozen Synapse on: Linux, Mac, Win
Civilization V on: Linux, Mac, Win
Async multiplayer via Giant Multiplayer Robot, otherwise at least the host has to be online or you to take your turn.
Wargroove on: PS4, Switch, Win, XBO

Multiplayer Games I Would Like To Play With Others That I Never Get To

(note to self Famicom and GB (not colour) versions are ace too)
Kajani Kombat
Castle Combat
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