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Notes about games available on Linux.

Note that lots of other games are easy to run on Linux with WINE and Steam Play :-) On the windows recs. page I include a note on how the game runs on Linux 8-)

The Battle for Wesnoth also on: Android, OSX, Win, ?
BATTLETECH also on: OSX, Win
Haven't played much so far, but am enjoying it. Turn-base tactical game.
Clairvoyance also on: Mac, Win
Clairvoyance is a turn-based, asynchronous multiplayer game where you control a group of four robots trying to destroy your opponent's. The fun is in trying to predict what they'll do, and how things go wrong and right because of that :)
Never had any luck running it on Arch, but *buntus seem fine. Works perfect in WINE.
Door Kickers also on: OSX. Win
If you want Frozen Synapse with worse art direction, worse controls, no multiplayer, and leveling guff, and you have a hard-on for cops, then maybe Door Kickers is for you!
Freeciv also on: Browser, Win, ?
Really hasn't clicked with me. I think it's mostly the lack of personality. You can choose from a great list of nations, but they're all the same, just a different flag.
Freedom Planet also on: OSX, PS4, WiiU, Win
My favourite Sonic game :)
Frozen Synapse also on: Win
Tight, turn-based tactical game. Really great as a play-it-when-you're ready asynchronous multi thing. Lots of flexibility with how you control your people, and for simulating the behaviours of your opponents'.
Frozen Synapse 2 also on: Win
Kentucky Route Zero also on: Mac OS, PS4, Switch, Win, XB0
Mini Metro also on: OSX, Win
Princess Remedy 2: In A Heap of Trouble also on: OSX, Win
Like its Windows-only predecessor, Princess Remedy is a sweet adventure game where you go round healing creatures. Graphics are Speccy-like and presented like a JRPG, but the 'battles' are real-time, single-screen things. It's pretty relaxed and you can retry things if you fail.
Rocket League also on: PS4, Switch, Win, XBO
<3 One of my faves, and I still play it a bunch. Fun on my own, fun with pals. No longer supports Linux >:
Sid Meier's Civilization V also on: OSX, Win
Tanks of Freedom also on: Android, Browser, BSD, OSX, Win
An open-source Advance Wars clone, that I didn't enjoy so much. The damage stuff is really simplified, and it felt like things too-easily turned into battles of attrition, with not much tactical variety.
It has a level editor though!
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