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Nintendo Pocket Football Club

Club ID C1E25BE9E
A charming, simplified football management sim. The main appeal for me are the cute graphics in the replays. They have lots of nice little animations, and the games have a pretty good flow! Though the offside calls are WAY too strict.
This was only released in PAL ZONE, though there is a Japan-only, GBA version availible, which should be pretty playable as everything important is communicated with icons. No functioning online mode on the GBA though!


Don't worry about losing, especially in practice games! Focus on experimenting, and getting lots of training cards.


Command Options

  • I recommend putting Player Selection to entirely Stable, 'cause the AI can do some weird changes. I had a keeper as a striker at one point :0.
  • I find have Substitutions all the way to Proactive helpful too. As long as you have the depth?

Training Card Combos

Combo Cards Notes
??? Aerobics Stretching ??? My keeping Ferrante hinted at this, after I got close . The 3rd's not Sprinting.
Compact Field Pressuring Line Control n/a - -
Flowing Football Minigame Passing Agility - -
Intercepting Sliding Visualising n/a Via Eurogamer.
Iron Defence Marking Pressuring n/a - -
Scissors Feint Agility Signing n/a - -
Volley Shot Shooting Stretching n/a Via Eurogamer.
.. - -

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