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   * //Sanrio characters Picross//   * //Sanrio characters Picross//
   * //[[|Scriptcross]]// (a nonogame made in [[gmt>PuzzleScript]])   * //[[|Scriptcross]]// (a nonogame made in [[gmt>PuzzleScript]])
-  * //[[|Tripcross]]// (made for a [[organisation:glorious_trainwrecks]] [[|event]])+  * //[[|Tripcross]]// (made for a [[organisation:glorious_trainwrecks]] [[gt>6560|event]])
   * //[[..:Web Paint-by-Number]]// [[|play]]   * //[[..:Web Paint-by-Number]]// [[|play]]
   * //World Riddles: Animals//   * //World Riddles: Animals//
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