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Picross, nonograms, etc.



Haven't bought any of the e series yet.

  • Pokémon Picross
    It's free! But as you get further into the game it takes a long time to make progress.
  • My Nintendo Picross: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
    Also free!, but not structured like a free-t☞play game. Solid nonogame, the other thing that feels a little weird to me is that you toggle between the different mark types (included none), where I'm used to holding a button to enable.


So far I only have a few recommendations, others I've tried include: Hungry Cat Picross (hints work weird), CrossMe Color Nonograms (required guessing), Picross Survival (wants me to install some bullshit),

  • NemoNemo Picross download
    Cribs a bit from the DS Picross and seems to work just as smoothly. Has ads. though. The largest puzzles don't quite fit on the screen, which is a bit fiddley.
  • NonoCube download
    Decent rip-off of Hal's Picross 3D, with some thoughtful control additions to make up for no stylus. There are still a few more Picross 3D-like games I have to try.


Game Boy

Super Nintendo

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