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FIXME (order chronologically)

  • Deflektor
  • 1989 - Mirror Magic
  • 1994 Laserwars
  • 〃 Laser Chess (like 3 games have this title)
  • Laser Tank
  • Laser Light
  • Tommy's Energy Fence
  • MESH:Hero's Hearts
  • MESH:Hero Defiant
  • Khet 2.0
  • Portal 2
  • 2017 - Udom Nebdon play
  • The Talos (Tλlθs?) Principle
  • Master of the Wind (?)
  • Mindbender
  • Rescue Rover
  • Lazors
  • Panic Space (from Famimaga Disk Vol. 2)
  • physics experiment in game
  • Dweep
  • Archaica: The Path of Light
  • Laser Puzzle for the Uzebox. There’s also a sequel.
  • Laserbreak: Laser puzzle. Also has a sequel or two.
  • Block the Laser
  • Laser Puzzle
  • Laser Kombat video


Within other games

Mirror Mirror in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!. Rays The Devil in WarioWare: Twisted!. A Moment of Reflection in WarioWare: Smooth Moves.

One Level

Mega Man Unlimited - Rainbow Man Stage Megaman X6 - Laser Institute SaGa Frontier - luminous labyrinth Devil May Cry 3’s 13th mission

Single Puzzle

The Adventures of Hyperman Witcher 3 Burn:Cycle (actually multiple puzzles)


  • РЕФЛЕКТОР (physical)
  • Destiny (a weapon item combo?)


Work in a similar way, but use a bounching ball instead of a beam. Typically adds the ability to change mirrors as the ball travels,

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