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Animal Crossing series

Games I've Played

Dream Address

Game Address
New Leaf 6E00-0036-8207

Friend Codes

Game Code
Pocket Camp 61000311987


Game Link
New Leaf Wishlist
For Trade
Also have a spare picture of Flip

Town Tunes

Every mainline Animal Crossing game lets you make your own town theme jungle, which will play on the hour and enter shops. Songs are represented by evenly spaced notes—which can be lengthened—on a staff, as well as rests.

There's an archived version of Nintendo's The Melody Maker at:

My Town Tunes

Some Town Tunes I've made.

Mark Meaning
- Dash Hold / sustain
. Dot Rest
  Underline Higher notes
? Question mark Random note
Song Notation                 Notes
Song of Storms A C A - A C A -
B - C B C B G E
From the game Ocarina of Time.
Decision C C C B B - B A
A A A C B - - -
From the game Mach Rider.
Untitled C - B . B - D G
. . . . . . . .
Just a little doodle.
Ride on Time E - - G G - - E
- E G A B C - .
By 山下 達郎 (Tatsuro Yamashita).
Video's always getting taken off Youtube.
E E B A B E E .
By きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu).


Coffee Preferences

Noting down the coffee preferences of my villagers. I keep forgetting to make notes on special characters :/

Villager Bean Qty. Milk Qty. Sugars
Ankha Kilimanjaro None 0
Cheri Mocha Lots 3
Elmer Blend Lots 3
Flip Kilimanjaro A little 1
Freckles Mocha Regular 2
Jay Kilimanjaro None 0
Kabuki Blue Mountain Regular 2
Kiki Mocha A little 1
Melba Mocha None 0
Merry Blue Mountain Regular 2
Phil Mocha Regular 2



Copied list from this Tumblr post of items and their lighting effects.

Colour Item Notes
Blue mush lamp
ice lamp
egg lamp
lava lamp
princess lamp
pisces lamp
football fish lamp
sloppy lamp
regal lamp + wall lamp customisable
stained glass lamp refurbished, subtle
lotus lamp refurbished, very subtle
Green firefly lamp very subtle
Alpine Lamp refurbished LEAF
stone lantern
regal lamp + wall lamp customisable
minimalist lamp refurbished MOSS GREEN, subtle
lotus lamp refurbished, very subtle
Purple scorpio lamp
harvest lamps very subtle
regal lamp + wall lamp customisable
stained glass lamp refurbished, subtle
Red holiday candle
balloon dog lamp by default, customisable
red tasselled lantern
regal lamp + wall lamp customisable
stained glass lamp refurbished/subtle
lotus lamp pink, very subtle

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