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 ====== Animal Crossing: New Horizons ====== ====== Animal Crossing: New Horizons ======
 +===== DIY =====
 +==== Acquisition ====
 +[[yt>​baX3XUB5sQk|Animal Crossing New Horizons 10 Ways To Get MORE DIY RECIPES in ACNH]]
 +  * **Bottles**:​ Bottles on the beach spawn twice a day! At 6AM and 6PM if the earlier one was collected.
 +  * **Villagers**:​ You can always find oen villager in their house working on a recipe. This villager changes at different times of the day: 6AM--12PM--6PM--12AM.
 +  * **Amiibo cards**: Scan a villaer and they'​ll visit the campsite. They'​ll ask you to craft them something, and will give you the recipe if you don't have it.
 +  * **Islands**:​ Often there'​ll be a message bottle of visited islands.
 +  * **Balloons**.
 ===== Patterns ===== ===== Patterns =====
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